Lin Augustine is a fantasy writer from the United States. She currently lives in South Korea as a native English teacher for adults.

Languages, words, and stories are her passions. Oh, and her two cats are pretty awesome too.

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Aug 21, 2020!

(That's also my birthday!)

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What if you were born with powers that made you dangerous to those you love?

Chrys is one of the gifted, a small percentage of the population who have randomly inherited powers that are as deadly as they are rare. At birth, the gifted have no control over their dangerous force, so many of them, including Chrys, have hurt or killed their loved ones without even realizing what they were doing.

Searching for information on the gifted, Chrys learns of Camp Amaryllis, a secret refuge for the gifted, hidden in a forest in Oregon. Here the gifted can live in peace, away from the hateful, judging eyes of the rest of the world. But more importantly, there's a rumor that a woman in the camp has the ability to erase the gifts of others. 

Determined to rid herself of her deadly gift, Chrys confides in her foster sister, Ron, and they run away from home to the camp. They decide to separate and reunite once Chrys has her gift erased, Ron staying in the small town of Bluewater nearby. 

It isn’t easy though. When Chrys arrives in the camp, she discovers she must complete three difficult tasks before she can have her gift erased, and while she is attempting them, a child in the camp dies. All eyes are on Chrys...but if she didn’t kill the child, who did? And how?

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Gifted Series: Prequel Short Story

Vic is gifted. Each gifted person is born with a rare and unique power that can be harmful, deadly even—especially when they don’t know how to control it. Vic, though, knows how to control it well. But in a way, it controls him. Every week, he can't help but use his gift to kill a random stranger he picks up from a bar. He’s never met another gifted person in Paris before. That is, until he meets Beau.

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